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Surrounding Areas - Hawke's Bay

Hastings is a 15 minutes drive from Napier and also has an abundance of both commercial and residential examples of Art Deco and Spanish Mission design. It is also the region's agricultural capital with orchards and vineyards surrounding the town, running west to east to Te Mata Peak.
Te Mata Peak is an important landmark, rising to 399 metres above sea level and offers a fascinating walk or drive. It is one of the first places in New Zealand to see the sun. From the summit it is possible to see large tracts of the province, and on clear days Mt Ruapehu is visible. Views are breathtaking.
Havelock North is on the Te Mata Peak foothills, and is a charming and rapidly growing village, with good shopping and the attractions of several famous vineyards.
Cape Kidnappers is known in Maori mythology as the hook with which Maui fished the North Island from the sea. It received its modern name from Captain James Cook after local Maori attempted to kidnap a young Tahitian boy from his ship Endeavour.
The dramatic promontory of Cape Kidnappers is home to the largest and most spectacular mainland colony of gannets in the world. The 20,000 gannets are members of the booby family with distinctive black eye markings and a pale gold crown.
Visitors to the colony will see adults and young nesting in serried rows. In the air birds swoop and dive as they bring back fish. On the ground, the pairs preen and perform the dance of the gannets' recognition ritual.
Cape Kidnappers Wilderness Safaris offer tour options over private land on Cape Kidnappers Peninsula, one of Hawkes Bay's most iconic landscapes. There are few other places in New Zealand where it is possible to see so much in one locality.
All of the tours weave along high ridges, affording magnificent views of Hawkes Bay & the Pacific Ocean, before descending a coastal escarpment to some of the finest beaches and dune systems in the country.
Cape Kidnappers also boasts the internationally recognised Golf Course designed by Tom Doak.